In this new release we worked hard to improve the link proprieties between applications, one of the improvements was make an application link force the linked application to open in a menu tab, without the need of navigating to the application.

Check the example running -> EXAMPLE

In this example, we’ll show the new feature of the release 018 of Scriptcase, making the links open a tab in the menu application.

Creating a link between applications

1. Open a Grid application and create a link to a form application.

2. In the link properties, a few new configuration parameters were added to open the link in tabs.

Marking the option “Open the application on a tab in the menu” to yes, the linked application will open in a new tab in the Menu.

You can also add a Title or a Hint for the linked tab, and change the icons too.

NOTE: The option will only be available if you select the “Type of display of the link” to open in a another window.


Do you want to see more examples made with Scrptcase? Click HERE to visit our samples page.

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