Come and discover the success case of the Risk4all, software, a multilingual and multi-company SaaS platform developed with Scriptcase. This platform provides support in areas such as privacy, information security, cybersecurity, enterprise risk management, compliance, or third-party risk management. Check out more details below.


RISK4ALL is a SaaS platform that allows the implementation of GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) in an organization. GRC is a management model that integrates activities and functions of corporate governance, performance management, risk management, and compliance responsibilities, thus improving companies’ ability to achieve their business objectives. A GRC tool allows creating and coordinating policies and controls, mapping them according to regulatory and compliance requirements and assessing risks by generating plans to bring them to acceptable levels. All this automates various processes, which increases efficiency and reduces complexity. RISK4ALL can provide support in areas such as privacy, information security, cybersecurity, business continuity, product and/or service quality, and enterprise risk management, compliance, or third-party risk management. It is a multilingual and multi-entity software created to help professionals unify the arduous task of regulatory compliance, management systems, risk management, monitoring, and supervision, among others.



There was a need for a modern, efficient, and functional development environment that would allow us to direct effort to essential activities, such as contributing our expertise in the GRC area, instead of spending most of our time creating and maintaining an environment.

Additionally, as a startup, we needed the solution to have a truly interesting cost-benefit ratio. Investment resources are limited, so we were looking for something that would allow us to focus on what is essential, optimize costs in other areas, and add value, support, or other issues.



With the adoption of Scriptcase, we were able to create and deliver solutions to our customers quickly. We developed a set of basic functionalities that can be expanded over time with ease and agility, eliminating technical complexities and allowing us to focus on the functionalities.




Multilingual and Multi-company Software:

Risk4all is a multilingual and multi-company software created to help professionals unify the arduous tasks of regulatory compliance, management systems, risk management, monitoring, and supervision, among others.


Implementation and maintenance of standards and patterns:

Currently, the software can support the implementation and maintenance of standards or patterns such as GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27701, NIST CSF, ISO 22301, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000, and ISO 31000, among others


Cost Reduction and Continuous Evolution:

With the adoption of Scriptcase, we achieved our software development and implementation objectives without significant investments. The cost-benefit of the solution is excellent, and in addition to cost reduction, we were also able to reduce the time required to deliver solutions to our customers—redirecting efforts to what is necessary: the business rules. The use of SC during these 5 years since its creation has continuously allowed us to evolve RISK4ALL in a structured and modular way.


Automation and Unification:

The Risk4all software can automate and unify all daily tasks, whether from your DPO, your Management System, or Privacy.


Privacy and Security Module:

The system has two complete modules that meet all necessary demands both in terms of privacy and security. For the privacy module, we have applications for Control creation, RAT, Indicators, Incident management, Documentation management, Action plans, and Privacy audits, among others. For the security module, applications were developed for Incident management, Action plans, Documentation management, Evaluation or Audit (ISO/IEC 27002, ENS), Privacy assessment, Security risk assessment, etc.


A system with 1000 applications:

The goal of having a very comprehensive system in a short period was achieved by delivering to customers the first privacy and cybersecurity management modules, with more than 100 applications in a few months. Currently, with an average growth of more than 100 applications per year, our system contains around 1,000 applications managed by a small development team.


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May 22, 2024


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