Understand how Sinexis utilized Scriptcase to develop the Online Certificate Generation System




At Sinexis we assist our customers in implementing technologies that improve work efficiency; assessing the existing tools, adjusting the technological environment to specific needs, identifying challenges, implementing solutions that allow for greater overall efficiency, and developing tools of increased value.



One of our clients periodically develops capacitation courses, however, due to the pandemic, courses have been developed virtually, thus becoming necessary to virtualize the generation and delivery of Certificates. Faced with this necessity, we needed to develop a kind of system that was capable of generating Online Certificates.



Development of a system that allows generating “Events” where all data can be parameterized: Title, Names, Event Description, Background, or visual image of the certificate. On the other hand, a list of participants is migrated from an XLS file (or manually registered) consigning First Name, Last Name, and email. The assistant enters a specific URL and with your email selects the courses for which certificates are available and simply generates and prints them.


Results (Sinexis):

sinexis-50000 certificates

So far we have issued more than 50,000 certificates, generating savings of thousands of pesos in printing and shipping.


With Scriptcase, the development of the complete certificate issuance system took only a few weeks, working part-time.

speed in development- sinexis

In addition to reducing development time and costs involved in the process, we also highlight the reduction in environmental impact by not having to issue certificates at the print shop.

learning curve-sc-sinexis

After a few years of searching, I came across Scriptcase and realized that the tool offered me all the features I was looking for, a platform that allowed me to make decent, functional, and attractive developments in a short time.
As soon as I started studying it, I knew I had found the ideal tool. In just a few months of study, I was able to launch the first applications made in the solution.

authentication validation

The certificates we issue through our system also include a QR Code to validate their authenticity.

“Without a doubt, I recommend this tool to anyone who needs agility in their development.”

Diego Fisolo

System developed by Diego Fisolo, an independent developer with extensive experience in the area, which remains available both for individual requests and for participation in development teams.

For more information about the system: dfisolo@gmail.com

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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

June 20, 2022


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