Antivirus in development environments: Let us make the following question: when a project comes to a development company, so what effectively is the customer paying for? The answer is simple: the application itself. And what is the application, after all? We can say that the application is nothing more than the entire summarized coding work on screens and features. Thus, we can say that the files with the codes may have a value which often flees the number of thousands.

In this sense, the protection of information in such cases turns out to be of paramount importance to all parties involved in the project. So using a good antivirus ends up being the first step to ensure the protection of that information.

It is common that each workstation has access to data and information (code) of a project, therefore the installation of anti-virus occurs in each of them. By using it, you can ensure that spyware or any other type of malicious program is installed, activated and executed.

The market offers a range of options when it comes to antivirus, but some brands end up highlighting because of the quality of its services. Norton Antivirus, as well as Avast and AVG are some of those brands.

Norton AntiVirus is widely used and widespread in Windows environments. Despite the price to pay for the license, the protection offered by it in corporate environments compensates the amount disbursed. Oh the other hand, Avast and AVG have free versions, but when it comes to full protection, it is important to evaluate the purchase of their more robust versions, since they offer great cost/benefit relation to smaller development environments. There are even several purchase tracks by product type.

Protecting attacks workstations and invasions ensures not only protection but also tranquility. Who pays for the project has the confidence that its information will not be used badly and who offers the service serves one more quality point that can often be decisive in closing a contract.

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May 29, 2015


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