Understand everything about what an API is, what they are for, and examples of APIs already integrated with Scriptcase.

It is essential to understand what an API is and how it works because we can say that once you understand its concept and applicability, you will be able to see how systems, applications, and software communicate, interact, and integrate.

What are API’s?

Application Programming Interface, or APIs are a kind of ‘translators’ whose main objective is to connect applications, software, and systems. Through them, it becomes possible to deliver more practical and comfortable experiences for end-users.

We can say that the main objective of an API is the process of exchanging data between systems, and this process, in large part, aims to automate manual processes or/and create new functionalities along with the procedural flow.|

Another interesting concept is that an API is nothing more than a set of programming patterns and routines that aim to access a software or web platform. Generally, an API is developed when a company intends for other application developers to create products associated with its service. To understand it better, we can mention Google Maps, which is one of the great examples of APIs, because through its original code several other applications are able to use your data, adapting to your specific needs for using the service.

APIs create communication bridges between applications, and for this communication to be established, knowledge or user intervention is not necessary, everything happens in an automated way through the communication of several codes behind the processes. An online payment system, for example, is great for understanding how the communication process between applications works automatically.

In summary, we can say that an API’s main objective is to simplify the software development process and provide a standard for creating new platforms.  Because of the facilities they bring to the development cycle, excluding the need to create custom codes for every function that a program is going to play, APIs are essential today for fast and efficient development.

What APIs does Scriptcase have available?

Scriptcase offers the possibility of configuring the integration process with several APIs that are already available in your environment. With a very fluid and intuitive interface, it is possible to configure the sending of SMS, emails, and even online payment APIs.

Email API’s

Scriptcase can connect with three different APIs for sending emails, they are: SMTP, Chuck and Amazon SES.

  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the standard protocol for sending emails over the Internet;
  • Chuck is an email API defined as transactional because it is made for MailChimp users and is recommended for database-based email sending;
  • Amazon SES (Amazon Simple Email Service) is basically an email service created entirely to help send email marketing, transactional messages and notifications.


In terms of API’s for sending SMS, Scriptcase also connects with three different types: Twilio, Plivo and Clickatell.

  • Twilio is basically a library package that enables SMS communication on a global scale;
  • Plivo is a kind of communication platform that allows companies to contact their customers via SMS and even voice message;
  • Clickatell is also an SMS platform, providing bulk SMS services via HTTP;

WhatsApp API

Scriptcase uses ChatAPI to send messages via whatsapp.

Payment APIs

For online payment, Scriptcase uses the PayPal API;

Storage API’s

When it comes to storage, Scriptcase guarantees three important API’s: Dropbox, Google Drive and S3.

  • Dropbox, based on the concept of cloud storage, is a shared file storage service.
  • Google Drive is basically a kind of virtual disk service launched by Google, with it you can store files in Google’s cloud;
  • Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) is in short, an object storage service that offers security, performance, data availability and scalability, in other words, it can be used by customers of all sizes and industries.

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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

October 6, 2021


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