The practice of creating passwords for access started when the first systems were developed and made available to the public. However, along with systems and passwords, the first invasions came also.

So far, the practice of stealing or trying to figure out the passwords is very common. Daily you can follow stories of people who had passwords such as bank or internet applications stolen.

Considering the importance of a password, it is necessary then that steps are taken to make them safer at the moment of its creation – that is because the biggest problem related to this is the use of alphanumeric sequences and logical information, as data access.

In web applications, the use of “weaker” passwords can cause many problems, such as access to important data from unauthorized and malicious people. Therefore, the implementation of some important practices is necessary at the time they are being created. Following we present some of them:

  • Passwords must contain eight or more characters;
  • One should always consider using letters and numbers;
  • Do not use sequential letters and numbers. Ex: “abc”, “123”;
  • Use at least one special character. For example, “$”, “[“, “%”.
  • The use of at least one capital letter ensures that the password is more difficult to be discovered;
  • Avoid using obvious personal information such as date of birth and the house number, for example

One important tool that can help make a secure password in any aspect is the password generators. Once those tools are ready, found on the Internet, they create a character set that can be used as the password in any type of system. These tools  consider all presented practices and, thus, are able to ensure the creation of a much more robust password. The use of this way is ideal for those who have no idea how to create a password in the best way.

Secure passwords provide greater protection. Often important data is stored with passwords that do not offer the ultimate in safety and so many risks are identified and, at certain time, this risk can turn into a more serious problem.

As reported earlier in the text, you can follow daily stories of people who have been injured by the theft or loss of an important password, especially when it comes to banking. So investing time in creating a safe password is to guard not to be part of a statistical number that is always growing.

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October 2, 2015


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