Deep learning can give rise to something called Deep Data. Useful ways you can utilize Scriptcase to do this. Learn more here and listening the Podcast.

Revealing what goes on in a business and where that’s happening exactly can be critical to business success.

Finding out deeply what are the root causes of different business events that are financially positive or negative for your firm can make the difference between turning a profit or falling behind not only on competitors but actual sustainability for the company.

Unfortunately, in most businesses large, small or anything in between there can be a lot of knowledge gaps that can make it really hard to make that happen in any easy kind of way. It can be really easy to answer questions. However it’s really hard to find the right questions to ask.

And this is a perennial problem that faces every manager of any level in any business all the time. So having the ubiquitous ability to reduce risk by figuring out what’s causing different business situations can be a real advantage.

This is why management in most companies turns to at least some form of analytics. This could involve something as simple as a spreadsheet, for which there are problems with versioning, security and even figuring out how to do really useful things for many people.

Or users could get fancy, and spend a lot of money for complex analytics. This can bring complexity. There can be programming issues. And even after that, many companies don’t happen to have data scientists just hanging around to make sure that they have the right data, (from the right questions), and that these data sources in their analytics are properly filtered by business experts to make it actually be useful.

Scriptcase can provide analytics, without all the expense, and in many cases without anywhere near the amount of complexity of some analytics platforms. It’s secure, & can be used to assess your corporate data. And Scriptcase can provide enough data visualization to shed some light on root causes of the things that do or don’t work in your business.

Just how willing are people to pay for analytics, otherwise way beyond Scriptcase?

According to Forbes Magazine there is an industry that is $203 Billion large worldwide for analytics. That’s huge.

Just to put that into perspective Ford Motor Company had annual global sales according to their annual  report for 2016 of  $151.8 Billion. So, the entire 2016 annual sales of Ford Motor Company in a record year for car sales for their industry is really only just a little under 75% of the annual sales for analytics worldwide as we saw from Forbes Magazine.

So, all of Ford Motor Company’s annual sales don’t really cover the worldwide thirst for relevant knowledge that can help the business that buyers work & live within.

In this blog we will explore every week how you can use Scriptcase to overcome the gaps, and see what’s going on in your business. Week by week, we will discover together with the help of many experts how we can take a powerful but comparatively not as complex platform like Scriptcase and use it to our advantage.

Whether you or someone you higher does it drilling down into your data and expose root causes can be extremely valuable.

At a higher level, beyond the product Scriptcase is an example of a rising phenomenon. This is a glowing example of ubiquitous computing.

So what do we mean by ubiquitous computing?

Every company including medium & small sized companies need the tools to acquire, parse & clean their own data.

This can be game changing. Many businesses have just relied upon their financial software. And that’s it.

Yet financial software may or more likely may not cover key business processes which are essentially manual. Buffering too many resources into a business process can be the common result. And this can be great for the bank for carrying charges. But you may not think it’s a really good thing at all.

Scriptcase can be highly integrative. It can help to pull together different applications if you have access to your data in a way that can be quite empowering  & even liberating for the interests of your business.

In a well-designed data generation system the information generated should be transparent, obvious & intuitive.

If your environment is complicated what this means is that what you use to control it really does not have to be. You can simplify, unify and gain insight enough to gain the upper hand. And that’s what we’ll be examining in this blog through the use of Scriptcase.

There is something called Deep Learning, that we will examine as part of this. And deep learning can give rise to something called Deep Data. Amazingly in a number of significant & useful ways, you can actually utilize Scriptcase to do this.

Week by week we’re going to see not only what this is, but actually how to do this in specific business environments so that we can begin to see what the implications might be for any business including yours.

For the meantime this week we’re going to be interviewing in our podcast Russ Guest, the CEO of a group called Unifield Media, that take advantage of things like Deep Learning and Deep Data. It’s was a really interesting discussion for me. I hope you will also find it to be so.

And I also very much look forward to other comments you might make not only now on the interview with Russ, but also in the coming weeks as we continue this examination.

You may have seen situations that can better illustrate key understanding along the way about Deep Learning, Deep Data & Scriptcase and how they can fit together that we will be looking at, together.  We invite you to share your cases & insights on this as well.

Check out more content on our blog.

By , Allen Borts is a Scriptcase Certified Expert that lives & works in Toronto Canada with his wife. And he is the owner of Applied Direct Services Corporation, a Scriptcase Gold Certified Partner. The posts provided are for information purposes only.

July 21, 2017


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