The internet has become one of the major mechanisms sale today, is a lot of people need a lot of people wanting to buy and sell! And for this to occur requires the presence of an important tool, e-commerce or online store. In this type of application vendors can offer their products in the form of showcase and buyers have all the convenience to buy when they see fit.

With the need market to buy and sell on the internet the demand for this type of project in large software factories grew much, also reflected the need for programmers who work autonomously. The e-commerce consists of two interfaces, the front-end which is the customer interface and back-end that is all the administrative structure that makes the sale to be consolidated. Both interfaces have specific screens and need to be scheduled one by one which makes e-commerce a project long term. Also several rules need information that are crossed between these screens, billing information, for example, depends on various information that is entered from different screens and the implementation of these rules tend to take a long time.

Program an e-commerce can take weeks or even months depending on the volume of rules that the client specifies, in addition, other customizations may appear throughout the project which is normal. Only within the e-commerce some functions do not change regardless of the branch on which it will be used. Registration of Products, Customer Master, Inventory Control, Billing Information, are some of the common functions in any type of e-commerce and this is where ScriptCase can help you.

ScriptCase has a template ready for e-commerce that already has all the common items in any shop on procedures for back-end and front-end. With these primary items ready programmer earns more agility in development and hence can adapt this template focusing quickly on specific design rules. The agility that first step ends up reflecting gains in productivity and consequently in rapid return on investment. The template of e-commerce has a complete framework that can be fully adapted to the need of the project. Layout changes, product placement, application specific procurement rules can be implemented easily. The facility is one of the key points of this template, with its use saves you time and consequently delivers more results.

If you can develop an e-commerce and wants to gain more agility then already know the model of e-commerce template ScriptCase.

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May 21, 2013


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