Dynamic themes with ScriptCase. The visual part of any system counts a lot, despite having most weight functionality in a system. Aspects related to the design are very important especially when the system has an interface that will be managed for a long time, and this is certainly a point that needs to be taken into consideration in any project.

Imagine this, a screen monitoring that needs to be viewed for hours by an operator or an administrative interface of an e-commerce which will be displayed at all times by the area of ​​dispatch of goods and invoicing. In both cases the physical exhaustion of those who will use the system will be basically the eyes and because of that worked poorly designed focusing on incorrect colors but can cause discomfort to the user. This is one of the practical aspects where design is important, this kind of need goes far beyond appearance. The need to work properly design an application ends up being vital to the success of the project, the aspects presented above can depreciate rather the end result of an application.

Analyzing this context entered a major dilemma, in most cases, developers are not designers and vice versa. With that generates the need for the presence of both professionals in the same project, but on smaller projects is financially unfeasible to work with these two features at the same time. Because of this, the project often ends up in the drawer. Thinking this scenario ScriptCase incorporated into its platform the dynamic themes.

You programmer has several options available in ScriptCase layout already designed and can easily implement them in your projects, just select on screen which projects you want to make available. That way you do not need a designer for development of more basic and can still offer various theme options for its customers. The platform has a very large range of formats layouts with fonts, colors and effects of different buttons. If your customer wants, you can still release your project in various layout options and the customer choose which to use and can change anytime.

With dynamic themes ScriptCase saves you time and offers much more to the end customer, but even if you still need something more elaborate you can assemble your own theme and offers it without major problems. Want to gain more agility in the development of their projects? Count on ScriptCase!

If you have not used ScriptCase start taking the first steps accessing the page ScriptCase Free Online Course with PHP and if you already use our web development tool and you’re wondering about the dynamic themes can access our knowledge base.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Follow our blog and stay on top of all the news.

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June 5, 2013


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