Getting to know the 4G Technology: Evolving is inevitable and in the age of technology, the focus tends to be increasingly on speed. Regardless of the platform, a large number of people are always ready to reach further and with mobile Internet is no different.

Replacing 3G, 4G comes with a mission to make the Internet via cellphones becomes faster. To do this, it uses one of the most powerful resources in connectivity, the optical fiber.

4G structure is based on an optical fiber connection, which reaches antennas that have a lower range, but much more effective than those that 3G technology offers. Thus, a particular area may require that multiple antennas are installed to cover it completely.

Tests indicate that the speed difference between the two technologies is actually quite large. This is because the data in 4G technology use optical fiber to the half of the user’s way and then the other half travels through the air. Meanwhile, for 3G technology the whole signal path is made by air, being more prone to interference and instability.

Working with na optical fiber and highly potent antennas, it is possible to deliver mobile data much more quickly, thus ensuring that the information is available on the device (mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, etc.) almost immediately.

Despite the quality of the 4G technology, its implementation is still very expensive. So phone companies are gradually bringing it to market. Until all devices have access to 4G speed, many tests still need to be made to ensure a quality service.

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June 9, 2015


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