Programming Help Desk with ScriptCase: Customer service is an inevitable necessity of any large company, especially those that offer products. Often customers need an aid in handling certain function of the product or simply need to report a fault and for this use the famous SAC. Him customers has a direct channel to the company, it can take your questions and solve your problems very practical way.

Companies that have SAC mostly end up opting for the purchase or development of systems called Help Desk. This type of application aims to centralize all calls that are generated in order to monitor them so that each is completed successfully. Because this scenario the demand for the development of this type of application is very large. A help desk system is based on the creation and monitoring of calls, in addition to recording standard calls that are received. What often happens is that some companies have specific demands of this type of system, for example, reports of time and attendance reports called open. These reports is very common that some are applied business rules and these rules need to be evaluated project to project.

Thinking of a standard system Help Desk, ScriptCase has a template that will help the developer to have a basis for developing this type of application. Control calls and report templates are some of the features that this template already offers. Having this ready basis is easier to customize the items that are ready and create new screens, it is agility when developing the project. With the base of the deployed application, you will have more time to attend the business rules of the client and thus deliver a higher quality application.

Importantly, monitoring of calls is surely one of the key items of a good system HelpDesk and therefore the need for this feature to work without errors. With the ready template that offers ScriptCase you already have all the logic implemented and allied business rules specific customer you will avoid possible errors in logic implementation. With all controls already implemented and applied logic you gain time and quality!

Meet our examples page system, there you will find an example of HelpDesk and other templates that have ScriptCase ready. And if you still do not know our development tool WEB visit our area courses and learn to work with it for free.

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May 28, 2013


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