During the late 2000, Borland decided to make public the source code of Interbase. Various individuals of the InterBase staff started a new company known as IBPhoenix, and along with other autonomous developers created the fork of InterBase presently called as Firebird. After a lot of legal wrangling and uncertain future, it is currently an open source undertaking beneath a license analogous to the MPL (Mozilla Public License).

Firebird is an open source SQL  database management system that is relational (RDBMS) that runs on Linux, Windows, and a range of UNIX. It presents admirable concurrency, elevated performance, and commanding language support for stored procedures. It has been effectively utilized in manufacture and production systems, under a diversity of names, since the year 1981. It is imitated from Borland InterBase 6.0 source code.

On 25th July 2000, under a week after the InterBase 6.0 source code was made public by Borland, the Firebird project was initiated on SourceForge website. The version 1.0 was released for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X on 11th March 2002, with anchorage to SolarisFreeBSD 4HP/UX subsequently over the 2 months.

The effort of porting of the source code from C to C++ language began in the year 2000. The version 1.5 was released on the February 23rd, 2004 which was the foremost and first established release of the new source code. It had a superior query optimizer and sustenance for precise locking. The version 2.0 was marketed on 12th November 2006, providing support for 64-bit architectures, and utilization of programmable lock timeouts to stop paging transactions.

The future release of 3.0 is believed to sustain stored procedures  such as Java and C++, and SQL window function languages that limit query results. An alpha version is likely to be marketed during the year 2012.

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August 20, 2013


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