Nusphere sued against the prominent companies by then around 2001, June 15, for breach of contract, and tortuous interference along with the third party agreements and relationships instigating unfair competition. The accused were the MySQL, AB, Widenius and the other related companies in the fray. The legal suit was filed in the district court of Boston in the United States of America. History of MySQL constitutes of lots of changes that are quite interesting as well as surprising to the modern day community. Most of the facts are not disclosed to the outside world completely though.

In the next year, it was a return suit filed by the MySQL AB against the NuSphere based upon breach of copyright laws and the trademark infringement, in a district court in the united states of amerca. Around 2002, the parties went on to finish their allegations and quarrel with peaceful negotiations and settled down. By around 2005 October, oracle came into the picture by acquiring innobase oy, a company from Finland, that allows the sql to extend such functionality. They went on to multi-year license eventually.

Finally by 2008, sun Microsystems completely purchased the mysql for about 1 billion USD. They took a resolve to enhance the supremacy eventually and bring out from the clusters of the oracle corporation. All until 2012, oracle was holding the test cases of the MySQL server back. It is an obvious attempt to kill the product once for all. Maria db is found to be replacing the MySQL in the recent days. History of MySQL is really quite disheartening and sad as the company was never allowed to evolve with complete freedom in spite of enormous potential in it. Politics and domination by the top notch firms to securely hold the lion’s share of the international market, is quite evident.

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August 14, 2013


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