Homes for Mobile Websites: The main page of a site regardless of its size and type is the home. As its name suggests, it is the gateway for those arriving at the site, so it has unique features which differentiate it from other internal pages.

The structure of a home is thought to facilitate the user’s life and to provide the easiest way possible the information he seeks. As this is the main feature of this site key piece, it is necessary that, regardless of the version used in the access, it is preserved.

The desktop version of a home can count on a number of resources. However, when creating a mobile version is required, an eminent challenge may arise. How to make a home preserve its main features also in the mobile version?

Understanding the user behavior on the site and provide him the key to his browsing is the first step to designing the home of a mobile site. Listing the major items, those ones that really cannot miss in a mobile home, then we have the following:

  • Access Menu: This item should be the same in both versions, containing the same link;
  • Space for reduced banner ads and advertising: Because of the screen size, it is important to think these elements optimally;
  • Search field: As a facilitator, the search field has to be functional and clear;
  • The content of the desktop version: Decrease the volume of information is one of the main mistakes made in the mobile version. In many cases, important information is literally cut. So to identify the main content and treat it in the mobile version is indispensable.

The access via mobile devices has surpassed the access via desktop devices, so having a well-designed mobile site has become vital for any business. Excel for contact information, facilitating access to them at mobile version is to ensure that the site will have a much longer life in order to follow the evolution of this new means of access.

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October 21, 2015


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