The importance of multimedia content in Web Applications. Texts have always been part of the routine of those who work with web applications, the stored data is being provided in this format, so it is much simpler to read and return the information. Registration screens and reports using this standard information, but in recent years this has been changing a lot.

Reaches the market the need to store more data every day and this makes development companies need a new option to overcome what could become a problem. In this scenario the multimedia content stands out.

Audio files, for example, are widely used for applications targeted at companies such record or any other thread that needs to use audio. Sending this type of media is crucial for the internal process is streamlined. In the case of labels, sending the DEMO can now be easily sent in the registration of the artist from the site.

Videos are great additions to the registration screens, companies such as modeling agencies, Human Resources, and others can use it in their registrations to get more information about their candidates. An application for including a video in the register can streamline internal processes too.

Working with multimedia content can mean a risk if the tool does not allow, many of them have no resources for them thus forcing the developer to use external components to it in order to run and manipulate such content.

Using Scriptcase this will not be the problem, with components that easily fit the project, our tool has a number of native resources geared especially for multimedia content, this means more productivity and quality for the project. Want to know more about this and other features? So go now e-learning section on our website and start today to take your first steps.

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July 5, 2013


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