Scriptcase version 9

In a daily basis this tool has given me great satisfaction, and very good and fast results in terms of development and the compliance of the expected result by the end customer.

It is an excellent development tool relatively easy to use; With a few training courses you can quickly get the most out of it, either through specific courses on the tool or by accessing the hundreds of existing tutorial videos.

After the introduction I want to do the revision on version 9.

Scriptcase 9 does not disappoint, its improvements (compared to the previous version) can be seen from the moment one enters the tool, its simple and minimalist interface gives that sensation of sobriety; it has been improved by facilitating usability for developers.

We will briefly mention the most outstanding improvements below:

  • In the application of the Graph type: new aggregate functions, improvements are noticed in the filters and in the interface, as well as implementation of Drag and Drop for the management of certain selectors and groupers.
  • Dashboard type panels: improvement in the widgets and responsiveness, for the desk type panel.
  • SQL Query Generator: An interesting environment to create SQL type Grids with a friendly interface and dependency validations between tables, and improved (join) relationships.
  • Improvements in the creator of reports in PDF.
  • New tool for the generation of project schemes, with new advanced visualization and printing options.
  • Menu application: Improvements into Mobile Icon.
  • The work area with the option to Expand / Maximize, hide the menu and expand the work area.
  • New themes generated for the applications: More sober and good looking.
  • Security: The most outstanding logging option with social networks Google, Facebook, and Twitter automatically by the security module.
  • Diagram Generator: improvements in relation between applications and tables.
  • Calendar application: new configuration options.
  • The highlight in terms of the core is the support for PHP 7, and that it currently uses SouceGuardian to protect the source code of the software.
  • Business Intelligence-Oriented Implementations: Business Intelligence-focused options continue to be increased, transforming Scriptcase into a strong system generator for data management.

The migration from the versions: 6,7 and 8:

We have tested the migration from 8 to 9, and this is a matter of a few clicks and a few minutes!!! Scriptcase’s support team can also guide the process for free. You just need to contact them by chat/email. More information here:

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April 10, 2018


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