When it comes to development project, a broader view can bring more significant results – and this is the Microsoft Access case. This seemingly simple database that comes with the Microsoft Office suite, can be a very cost effective way to those who want to program more simple systems that do not require much database resources.

Registration systems, inventory controls and others focused on office management, for example, can easily use it as a database in order to reduce costs with the application, from development to maintenance.

Despite the simplicity, Microsoft Access offers many resources. Among the main ones, it is possible to highlight:

  • Support for OLE DB;
  • Relationship between tables;
  • Using SQL to access the data of the tables;
  • XML support;
  • Friendly and intuitive interface;
  • Database Replication.

Analyzing Microsoft Access, you can see how much it can indeed be a viable solution and, along with PHP, is a solution even smarter and with extremely high cost-benefit relation.

As PHP is a cross-platform language, the use of Microsoft Access in Windows environment may provide even more performance to the application. It really is a solution focused on results for small to medium-sized projects.

Considering the connection feature with the database that Scriptcase has, an application created in this tool can easily connect to Microsoft Access. The tool offers two connection options, which are ADO and ODBC.

After configured the connection, simply add the data access by creating a new connection to the project and voila! The whole structure of tables and relationships will be available for the developer to create the screens of your application quickly and simply.

One of the great advantages of projects using Microsoft Access with PHP on Scriptcase is development time. The features of this tool have been developed thinking exactly of optimizing the development time, so you can do much more with much less, optimizing time and thus optimizing project results.

Downloading the free version of Scriptcase, it is possible to understand how easy it is to connect to the Microsoft Access database using the resources provided by the development tool. In addition, you can also meet other features that will leave your routine activities much more agile.

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October 19, 2015


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