Beauty and speed are offered in one of the most famous browsers in the mobile world, the Next Browser. Created by the same company behind the famous Go Launcher, Next became instant success on Google Play. Browsing is simple, especially the system of tabs and the homepage with the favorites.

The Next Browser highlight a number of features that make it an option with important advantages in the market. Its resources, for example, attract the attention of the more advanced developers, who at first may be surprised with the minimalist look, but when getting to know it better, end up convincing themselves of its benefits.

Among the main resources, available in the Next Browser, it is possible to highlight:

  • Home screen for quick access to your favorite websites;
  • Switching between tabs with simple gesture;
  • Next View, a reading function of the latest sports-related news, entertainment and more updates for free subscription;
  • Several plug-in add-ons (Evernote, Facebook, Pocket, QR code, Screenshot, PDF, Auto-refresh, Translation, private bookmark, Deft pages) to extend the functionality without limitation;
  • Import and synchronization of bookmarks;
  • Secure web browsing in incognito mode.

With the Next Browser, the user has on hand a fast browser with shortcuts to its favorite/bookmark websites (Speed Dail), fully customizable, making much more dynamic navigation. The browser also offers voice control, search tool and support for extensions and can receive new functionality through plug-ins. To complete, it still allows you to synchronize favorite sites on different mobile devices.

The Next Browser home screen has a number of markers of famous websites like Facebook and YouTube. However, you can add other markers by tapping the rectangle with a sign “+”. The home screen also has an address bar at the top and another below the search bar, which has a microphone icon. When you tap it, is open, then the Voice Search tool to search by voice.

The Next Browser is an interesting option, especially for users who have experienced major mobile browsers and were left with the feeling that if joining it all, the result would be a great browser. The producers of Next Browser managed to unite the best features of all mobile browsers and placed in a single application.

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September 29, 2015


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