Passwords are part of the universe of any development environment. Database passwords and even application files passwords are important for the access of information to be made only by authorized persons.

It is common in development environments that everything is controlled by users logins, thereby ensuring that a possible error correction can be performed more efficiently, using logs and tracking schemes.

However, either in the development environment or in the use of a web application, it is not enough to have a user, you need the password to be safe, thus preventing other people access to information.

That is why some techniques can be applied so that more secure passwords are created. We list below some good practices when creating passwords:

  • Do not use logical sequences of numbers and letters such as “ABC”, “1234”;
  • Avoid using common knowledge information such as phone number, home number or birth date, for example;
  • When creating a password, prioritize the use of letters and numbers;
  • At least one letter needs to be capitalized;
  • Choose at least one special character (+, -,%, $);
  • Work with at least eight digits.

The password storage is also important, so keep it in a place where you can find it if necessary.

Another important point, where many people fail, is to use the same password for all their accesses. Bank passwords, e-mail box and internet applications need to be different


  • P387055%
  • 09Tr2$2!
  • LN45%7&
  • C2@rt7&

If you have no idea which password to use, there are programs that can do this work. Password generator help to create more secure passwords, using the good practices presented, thus providing more security on user access.

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April 30, 2015


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