With the aid of PHP, you could always get connected to, as well, manipulate the databases. MySQL could be regarded as one of the most popular ones of such a kind. It is a database system that could be used along with PHP.

What is meant by MySQL?

  • MySQL is commonly a database system that is used on the World Wide Web.
  • MySQL is quite commonly a database system devised to run on a server.
  • MySQL is ideal not only for the larger applications alone, but also for the small applications.
  • MySQL is just very fast, as well as reliable, and easy to use.
  • MySQL supports the standard SQL.
  • MySQL has the flexibility to be compiled with many other platforms.
  • MySQL is just simply free for all to get it downloaded and use instantly.
  • MySQL is a product of Oracle Corporation that has developed, distributed, and also supported it big time.
  • MySQL is profoundly named after the co-founder of the oracle corporation. It is the daughter of Mrs. Monty Widenius.

Usually, the data that is stored in my sql is in the form of tables. Actually, a table could be referred as the collection of related or relevant data, which will consists of the columns and rows.

Databases usually are useful for storing information categorically. It is possible for any business firm or a company to have a database that consists of the following tables:

  • Employees tables
  • Products tables
  • Customers tables
  • Orders tables

Php and MySQL                 

PHP while combined with MySQL is known to be the cross-platform. It means there is a flexibility that you could develop in the Windows and still be able to serve it on another UNIX platform. Php and MySQL go hand in hand.


Request or a question is usually termed as a query. There is a possibility to query a database in order to get specific information. You will get a record set returned.

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July 17, 2013


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