As a PHP RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool, Scriptcase will help you to reduce the form creation time up to 80%, it will allow you to have a full function, secure and complete form with just a few clicks.

Scriptcase will read your database, understand the fields’ type, relationships, dependencies, keys, tables’ structures and special characteristics to create a form based on it. You can make changes on Scriptcase’s form fields that you were not able to do directly in the database for some reason, for example, if you want to set a field to auto increment even if is not set in the database, you can force specific values for update and/or delete, set it as a unique key all using only Scriptcase, without the need of changing anything on the database.

All the CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) database actions are created automatically independent from the database or operating system, the forms also have full protection against SQL and JavaScript injection in all field’s inputs and also directly on the edit HTML code option. We created one of the most complete “format as you type” feature for the fields, together with a field’s mask option we can do pretty much cover all you needs on the data shown option. You can divide the form’s field in blocks, tabs, set the label to be show on the side of the field’s input or on the top of it.

We have 4 different types of form:

  • Single record: Only one record per page.
  • Multiple Record: It will show as many records as you want and you can edit then all at the same time using a single button.
  • Editable Grid: It will show as many records as you want and you can edit line by line (record per record)
  • Editable Grid View: It will show as many records as you want and to edit a record you need to enable editing by clicking on an icon on the side of the line

Check Some Examples

Simple Form

Single record Form, where we can see the features: copy button, quick search and a field data using a multi-month calendar.

View Tutorial

Multiple Records

This Multiple records Form is using the following features: Rows limit, Page links, New calculator and Spin up/down in integer fields.

View Tutorial

Editable Grid(View)

This Editable Grid View Form uses the following features: Quicksearch, Sorting and Counter.

View Tutorial


In this example a complete master / detail application is developed. Here two forms are created. The first (Master) is based on the orders table and the second (Detail) is based on the orders details.

View Tutorial


We tried to create a very complete and secure form to left only you worried about the business rules from your form, stop losing time doing the same thing over and over again, purchase Scriptcase today and triplicate your development performance.

Check our full list of samples HERE

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September 14, 2015


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