It is understood by risk any situation that may interfere negatively in the progress of the project activities, such situations may include risks of delivery and also performance risks in performing these activities. For the variables of risk are identified and controlled is necessary to implement a methodology to manage.

Manage risks within the project some processes are used to identify and control risks meet them below:

  1. Planning Risk Management: How to approach, plan and execute;
  2. Risk Identification: Identify and document the risks;
  3. Qualitative Risk Analysis: Prioritizing across a range of probability and impact;
  4. Quantitative Risk Analysis: Scale numeral;
  5. Planning risk responses: Increase opportunities and reduce threats;
  6. Monitoring and controlling risks: Track and apply the answers to each identified risk.

The risk is composed of three elements, given the fact that the cause or condition for which the risk becomes a reality, the risk itself that will point the problem occurred and the effect of this risk by analyzing the “result” that it will cause. It is important to determine the risks and categorizes them in order to better understand which areas tend to have more risk and thus need greater attention at the time of control analysis.

Two very important variables in the analysis of risk are probability and impact, it is with them that the project manager can be based on the decisions that must be made throughout the project and have an imminent risk. The intersection of these two data information is vital for the control is done effectively. These variables end up depending a lot of know-how and the history of the project team and therefore their analysis even though “abstract” need a good foundation so that there are no problems during the project.

In the development of web applications managing risks is very important after all is thanks to him that deadlines and budgets can be met. Projects large applications rely heavily on this area management to be successful, but small projects also need to be vigilant after the risk will always exist and therefore predict and precede it part of the routine of any project manager or developer.

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June 11, 2013


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