Scriptcase is one of the best options when it comes to PHP web application development, but did you know that it can also be used for the development of conventional websites? The main idea of our tool is to optimize the development process, independent if whether we are talking about a simple site or a complex application.

When we think about web development, we have to take into consideration that way of programming does not change what really changes is the product which shall be supplied. HTML objects, the server requests, CSS classes, and all as a website and an application are similar can be created using our tool.

How Scriptcase provides an interface very didactic and simple to be used to develop a website can be done much more quickly than compared to other similar tools on the market.

Thinking about a practical example let’s imagine the development of a website for a small local company. By using our forms you can quickly create contact pages. They even have a feature of Google Maps to let there even better and more dynamic if you want to provide a location map with the address of your business. You also consider the photo gallery that offers an experience more for your user, in addition, you will also have video features that can add even more value to your site.

Content pages can also be created directly in the tool, you still have an extra advantage if you need any further recourse to more elaborate reports, for example. With Scriptcase you can easily include them in your project.

Test Scriptcase in website development and be surprised!

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October 23, 2013


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