Given its importance, the word versioning is widely used within the development environment. In a very simple description, in order to facilitate the understanding of the term, we can say that versioning is the storage of modifications in a particular file over a period. Each modification to a file is understood as a new version, thus ensuring that every change made will be stored and later retrieved, if necessary.

If the file of a class, for example, has undergone three modifications in a week, we can say that three different versions of this file were stored during that week. But where those versions are stored?

The answer to the above question will depend on the software used for this purpose. When composing a development environment, we need a tool to be chosen to ensure the safety and storage of a project file versions.

For example, Microsoft offers the Source Safe. This tool helps to control file versions in a project. It can be used both to store versions of base files (DOC, XLS, PSD), as well as code files.

As a tool, many development companies offer this feature in order to centralize and ensure the security of the information that is edited. Scriptcase, as a PHP development tool, offers this feature for those using it.

It is important to remember that not only the source files need to be versioned. Changes in the project documentation or any other file relevant for it also need to be stored. Only in this way we can ensure the integrity and safety of all project information.

On Scriptcase to increment a version from a project is very simple, that is a feature that allows you to do that with just one click, Scriptcase will make a copy from your project and all the new modifications will be done in the newest version of that project, making easy to make any modifications in the older version of your project to deploy it again anytime.

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June 2, 2015


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