The mobile development is now one of the most promising careers of market. This is because the growth of the mobile Internet in recent years took place in a very ascending way, arousing the interest of new as well as old technology professionals.

The ease in making an app that can be sold causes the eyes of developers around the world to turn to this type of programming. You can just choose the platform, develop a good app, hold the advertisement correctly and reap the fruits of labor.

Although there are companies that work specifically with sales of mobile apps, much of the sales are made by independent professionals. That’s because there is no need to join a company to sell a mobile application, it’s enough to be a developer and have an account in one of the two major online stores, the Apple Store or Google Play.


Developers who choose to develop applications for Android have the classic support of Google. Through an information center, you can have access to a simple step-by-step on how to create an account and post your projects.

In a very synthesized form, you can just make an account and upload the app publishing files directly in the Google Play Developer Console.

To learn how to create an account and upload the app, simply visit the link below: Google Play Developer Console


Apple, widely known for the usability of its applications, also offers an easy and intuitive environment for programmers who want to publish their apps on the Apple Store. In addition to offering the whole structure for development, Apple also offers marketing services for dissemination of apps that are placed for download.

For information on how to create account, develop, test and disseminate apps on Apple Store can be achieved in iOS Developer Center.

6 Essential Elements for a Top-Selling Mobile App

1. Faster loading period

One of the most important factors that developers must focus on is the loading time for each app. Above we have mentioned that very few users will give a second try on a failing app. Most users said that they would prefer using an app that loads up under 5 seconds. However, some apps would require a large amount of data to startup, except if you have a device that has Quad-core 1.6GHz processor like the Samsung Galaxy S4. If that’s the case, then ensure that you have a loading screen page in order for the users to see how much they need to wait. A great example of an app that shows loading page is the Facebook for iPhone and Android device.

2. Reliable performance

What’s more interesting than an app that showcases its great performance despite its heavy graphics?  A successful app must be well-tested, making sure that its performance is in top shape especially during the most extreme conditions. Irrespective of the device’s connections, a top-selling app must run smoothly without any lag and doesn’t eat much of your processor or your battery life.

3. Takeout Ad banners

Although you want to earn from your work of art, a mobile app that is free yet filled with ad banners is not that appealing to most users. If you have tried the game 4 Pics 1 Word by LOTUM GmbH, you’ve perhaps tried answering 3 stages then a big ad shows up on your screen. Although this application is one of the most popular apps in the gaming section, many users find it uninteresting to play it with the banners ads and adverts popping on their screen. Instead, if you want to earn money from your app ad-free, it is advisable to create a paid version for users who choose to play, uninterrupted.

4. Mobile compatibility

Each mobile device has its own screen dimension and features, thus your app must be compatible with the platform it has been developed for. If you have noticed, when iPhone 5 was still a rumored Apple device, app developers updated their applications in order to fit the 4-inch Retina Display of the latest iPhone. Remember that the most popular apps are the one that offers the best possible UI experience.

5. Value

When we discuss about value, we are not pertaining to the price of the app, but the importance of the application to the users. You have to make sure that your app is usable, distinctive, provide assistance to the user, and make life easier. A top-selling app has to provide something extra that other apps on the market has not addressed yet. This will encourage more users to repeatedly use your app. An example of this would be the Instagram app. Once a upon a time, pictures would have to be transferred to your PC in order to edit and make it more appealing, with the Instagram app on your device, you can quickly add filters and share it on your social pages.

6. Say no to lag

Along with checking the loading time of your app, you need to make sure that it doesn’t have any issues such as crashing, freezing and pixilated screen. Although some users have the patience to wait for the loading time, most of them doesn’t give a second look for apps that has bugs and crashes while they’re using it. Take note that your general UI thread must always be active. Before actually developing an app, it’s best to check if your desired mobile platform offers thread separation or secondary thread.

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May 15, 2015


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