Specialist or generalist? Today  we will figure what are the ideal profiles for those who wish to take advantage of the best that Scriptcase has to offer, and of course, to show how this tool behaves in the face of the diverse characteristics and aptitudes of its users.

Well, before we continue, I invite you to think about “What is my profile?

It may sound somewhat obvious, but there are two large groups of individuals who can use and work very well with Scriptcase. However, before we talk about them, it is necessary to make it clear that there are some essential requirements for all those who wish to use this development environment.

With that being said, I present you…

The necessary knowledge to use Scriptcase:

First of all, we need to know , although in a elementary way, of programming logic and SQL.

Programming logic is all technique that is used to develop instructions in a sequence aimed at reaching certain goals, it is the organizational and planning basis, and only by knowing itself can it make possible the construction of a system, program or software.

Building systems within the Scriptcase without knowing programming logic is not necessarily impossible, but it requires more effort. In addition, Scriptcase has a whole range of programming resources that, if well used, will contribute to the construction of applications that are more complete and well structured.

As far as programming goes, SC gives several options to your environment, so you have the freedom to add your own business rules and customize the system according to the needs of each project. Integration with external libraries, programming IDE (Blank), Events, Macros … are some of the features available.

SQL is exactly the universal default language for manipulating relational databases through the Relational Database Management System (DBMS),  these DBMSs have an interface that allows database access through the use the SQL ,so knowing SQL is highly recommended, since it is used to interact with the DBMS and perform various tasks such as inserting and changing records, creating objects in the database, managing the user, querying information, controlling transactions, etc.

Scriptcase develops table-based applications, so a well-structured database, in addition to avoiding rework, will take advantage of the batch application generation of our tool and will only forward changes needed for specific key applications.

Some other knowledge that is not necessarily indispensable, but recommended, would be in PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Scriptcase uses HTML, PHP, CSS, JS and JQuery throughout development, so the key is to know a little bit about each tool to improve the quality of your overall application, improving the elements you need without necessarily requiring advanced knowledge.

Now that we’re aware of all these aspects, we can proceed to identify which are the two large groups of people that can use and enjoy very well the Scriptcase tool, these are:

Group 1 – Specialist

Specialist these are individuals who already have a good baggage related to web development, knowledge in database or programming.

Usually people who hold managerial positions, IT Managers, IT Coordinators,

Systems Analysts, Senior Programmers, etc. That is, they are those who already have a solid repertoire, and they manage via Scriptcase, make it easier to work, decrease the time and costs involved in the development process.

  • DBAs specialist

– Data Base Administrator is the professional in charge of the database. Its function is to manage the whole process of maintenance, construction, management and monitoring of the database system.,

  • Front end

– It is the professional responsible for developing the interface, that is, is responsible for the part of the application with which the user interacts directly. It is concerned with maintaining, building and adapting the interface, much based on the user experience. Has knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, we can say that it is that designer who has knowledge in programming.

  • Back end specialist

– As it is presumed by name, it is the professional responsible for the ‘back’ side of the application, which is responsible for building the business rules. Generally presents knowledge in languages like C #, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, among others.

  • Project Manager specialist

– This is responsible for coordinating all the routines of a project, he undertakes to establish a routine of steps, goals and objectives to be effective, it is also up to him to define which tool and methodology that best fits the project .

  • Tester specialist

– This type of professional can have several functions, however, in general, he is the one in charge of leaving the software with the least amount of bugs possible, as the name already suggests, it tests what is produced and the developers correct if you encounter a bug, all of this repeatedly until the moment the product is ready to be delivered to the end customer with satisfactory quality.

Group 2 – Generalists

They would be those who have a lot of luggage related to web development, knowledge in database and programming. They usually have a profile of who knows everything, having deep knowledge or not, can balance their technical repertoire to reduce their costs and development time.

  • Full Stack

– It is the type of professional that can work both Front-end (UI, cut) and Back-end (server, database, modeling, programming, data structuring and implementation), can receive, understand and deliver a complete project practically alone. One can say that it is that person who carries a diverse range of knowledge and manages to act on the various needs within.

I’ll even dare to add a third profile that relates to the two already mentioned above.

Profile 3 in Scriptcase- Intermediates

Here I refer to those professionals who present characteristics of both groups mentioned above, but without properly fitting either. By bringing this information even closer, we have several examples of programmers who, even though they have these characteristics, manage to produce very well structured systems with the solution, from the most diverse areas and contexts, such as doctors (system of appointment scheduling) (extraction of managerial reports), professionals without IT training, freelancers, among many others.

This means that anyone with the minimum prerequisites, who is willing to learn, sympathizes with the area of web development and understands their needs and demands, can extract great results using Scriptcase.

Okay, but what does all this means ?!

The answer is simple, its easy to point that the Scriptcase environment was created so that people with little knowledge in development could create systems and applications, as well as to facilitate and reduce the time spent in the constructive process for those developers who have a solid knowledge in development. That’s right, at the end of the day, anyone who has at least the minimum knowledge required, will be able to use the tool, and build entire systems quickly,cooperatively, securely and well-structured!

And now, with all that at hand… what’s keeping you from joining the Scriptcase community?


Do not miss the opportunity to save your time, reduce costs, facilitate your work, and produce good results with Scriptcase.


See you later!Check out more articles on our blog!

By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

March 19, 2019


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