There are certain ways of serving your customers better than can be used to help one be able to make more profits. One the salesperson should be welcoming. They should always be willing to talk to their customer in a friendly tone to make the customer be able to express themselves. They should also give a chance to the customer a chance to express their feeling or opinion on what they want to buy. In case the customer does not get what they wanted, the salesperson should try to show the customer that they should visit the same stall any time they need products they sell.

The salespeople should offer after-sales services to their consumers or customers. If a customer buys a lot of products from one stall, they should be willing to offer them some services like carrying those goods to the customer’s car. This makes the customer feel wanted and always want to come and shop again in that very shop. If the customer is rude in case of something like some delay or congestion, the salesperson should talk to their customer just to try and cool them.

Lastly, on the ways of serving the customers better, the salesperson should be willing to thank their client. This can be done by adding another product that they may need just as a way of appreciating them. Still, another supplier can decide not to add them extra commodity but offer them a discount. This helps the customer feel that they did their shopping at the right place. Salespeople should know the way they handle their customers affect much on their sales much. Those stalls, which are known for making great sales, are the ones with qualified salespeople who know how to take good care of their customers.

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July 30, 2013


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