WHAT IS CSS? In the below discussion we have a brief look at what is CSS, the difference between CSS & HTML and the importance of CSS.

CSS is basically acronym for Cascading Style Sheet.

What can CSS do?

CSS is a design language style for laying out XHTML documents. For instance CSS covers different tags for lines, fonts, margins, width, length, colors, advanced positions, height, and many other possibilities. Unlike HTML, CSS is more sophisticated, accurate in its commands and has numerous functions. Today, all browsers understand and support CSS language.

Difference between HTML and CSS

HTML assists in structuring webpage contents like text. CSS on the other hand formats the content. Initially, before CSS came to being, HTML was used to add shape to text. The designers used HTML tags to create headings, sub headings and paragraphs to their texts. As web used increased, there was need for more advanced way to layout, structure and position different elements in a web page. Microsoft and Netscape responded to this demand by developing separately implemented command tags like <font> which was not the same as HTML tags. These new tags designed document layout and not the document structure. There was conflict since people were misusing tags like <table> to create table’s layout instead of text structuring. Browsers only support certain features. CSS came in very essential in solving this conflict. It is accepted by all the browsers. Also, separation of website content from layout makes maintenance an easy exercise.

CSS Benefits

  • CSS has revolutionized web design forever.
  • One can control several documents layout from a single document
  • More accurate control of the layout design
  • There are several and sophisticated and techniques
  • One can use different layouts on different kinds of media for instance print, screen etc.

The above discussion about what is CSS will surely go miles in shedding more light about what it entails.

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July 4, 2013


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