What is JQuery? Simply put, JQuery refers to a very small, fast, and feature-rich JavaScript library. Event handling, HTML document manipulation, transversal, animation, etc is very simple to handle when using JQuery. To drive the point home, while JavaScript refers to a programming language, think of JQuery as a library that is written in Java.

Is great at handling a huge number of user tasks. It also comes in handy in the handling of differences between browsers. A perfect example would be older versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is important to note that  is built using Java. Consequently, individuals who plan to use it must have an idea or knowledge about what the program is all about. With this open-source software, it is more than easy to reduce the amount of work one is involved in when creating web-based applications.

Below is a brief look at JQuery features:

  • DOM element solutions
  • Effects and animations
  • Events
  • Multi-browser
  • Extensibility through plug-ins
  • Ajax
  • DOM modification and transversal
  • DOM manipulation

Licensed under MIT License, this software has a syntax, which is designed to make it more than easy to navigate through a document. Users also have an easy time selecting DOM elements, handling events, creating animations, and developing Ajax applications among other tasks. As a developer, JQuery will help create plug-ins at the top of the JavaScript library. Without a doubt, the above information on what is JQuery shows that this tool brings with it a huge array of benefits.

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October 2, 2013


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