Come check out the success story of the Paraíba Water and Sewage Company – CAGEPA


Paraiba water and sewage company – CAGEPA is a mixed-capital company with authorized capital linked to SEIRHMACT. We are present in 219 locations, the urban population served with water service is 2,841,101 and the urban population served with sewage service is 880,253.


Slow system development and consolidation of an internal process. Very small team and demands for the maintenance of legacy systems (Delphi, PHP, etc.), in addition to the accumulation of the need for new solutions.


With Scriptcase, several important systems were developed by the institution’s technical team.
-PMAUD (savings of R $ 200,000.00 in contract agreements);
-SSS; PROCON; Ombudsman; My home, my life; System of
Electronic Protocol, Transport Control System, Operational Management System, Construction Management System, Occurrence Management – Water and Sewage, Water Shortage Communication, among many others.


The solution was a game-changer in the system development process for the company. We were able to create a web platform with all integrated systems.

With the acquisition of the tool, we were able to develop more than 80 systems at no additional cost.

With the decentralization of activities in 1 sector, we were able to achieve gains of 40%.

With Scriptcase the learning curve required to use the tool was reduced to 30 days.

We achieved savings of R $ 7,000 in each opening, and there were more savings throughout the year.

Details of result:

CAGEPA is a mixed-capital company with authorized capital linked to the State Secretariat for Infrastructure, Water Resources, the Environment, and Science and Technology – SEIRHMACT. Aims to plan, execute, and operate basic sanitation services throughout the territory of the State of Paraíba. comprising the collection, supply, treatment and distribution of water and the collection, treatment and final disposal of sewage, commercializing these services and the benefits that directly or indirectly derive from their undertakings, as well as any other related or related activities.

With the implementation of Scriptcase, we decided to no longer keep legacy systems in production. Instead, we created an integrated web platform where all legacy systems were migrated to this one. The main user no longer has a user for each application, leaving only with single login access to all systems migrated according to your access profile. In addition to legacy systems, all new systems are developed within Scriptcase. The team’s performance achievement was fantastic.

We started in an environment where we didn’t develop anything and we switched to another where we already have more than 20 systems developed with Scriptcase: Among them: Electronic Protocol Systems, Transport Control System, Operational Management System, Construction Management System.

“In other words, it went out of the water and into wine”

Eduardo Arnaud – Developer in CAGEPA

Water Shortage Notice – CAGEPA website

Bidding System

See this and more cases here: CASES OF SUCCESS. Enjoy and check out the latest news from our blog.

By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

June 10, 2020


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