Come and see the successful case of the renowned Educational Management System – SGE of the City of Mogi das Cruzes.


The Secretariat’s main challenge is to eradicate illiteracy in the county. They also guarantee all students access to the school unit offering quality education with trained teachers and adequate physical and operational structure with the direct participation of the community.


We needed a tool that would guarantee us speed and quality in the development of systems with the most varied applications according to the real needs of the Municipal Secretary of Education.


Development of an Educational Management System – SGE, which allowed us to standardize applications and streamline the construction of applications of various types, in addition to allowing customization when necessary.


Scriptcase was essential for our development team, it fits perfectly with our real needs, so much that we have used it since the beginning of it.

The applications developed in Scriptcase are independent of the tool and can have their source code edited whenever necessary, in addition to enabling the creation of versions for desktop or mobile.

For working with PHP and having a fully web-based interface the learning curve is low.

More than 28 applications developed in production at the SGE.

Scriptcase allows advanced configurations so that the generated applications meet complex system requirements.

Details of the results:

At the Secretariat of Education of the County of Mogi das Cruzes, we have used Scriptcase to develop the Educational Management System (SGE) since 2011. We can say that it is a tool that helped a lot in its development, as it allowed the standardization of applications and the construction of applications of different types, besides allowing customization when necessary. There are currently 4 developers on the team, more than 200 school units, almost 4 thousand employees, and almost 50 thousand students who access the more than 30 SGE modules daily.

With the SGE, several procedures of the school units were computerized; such as the demand organization, the Unified Municipal Register (CMU) for enrollment in full-time early childhood education, heritage, and inventory, among others. One of the tools also allows online elections to be held for municipal councils linked to the Secretariat of Education, such as Education, School Meals, and Fundeb’s CACS (Council for Monitoring and Social Control).

I can say that Scriptcase is an essential solution for development teams looking for an agile methodology and modularized application development, with a low learning curve, for working with PHP and having a web-based interface.

The applications developed in Scriptcase are independent of the tool and can have their source code edited by the developers whenever necessary, in addition to enabling the creation of desktop or mobile versions. Scriptcase is considered a RAD tool, as it offers the developer the possibility of creating screens for data entry (forms) and data output (grids or reports). It is also a CASE tool since it allows the printing of reports for documentation of the development project (application report) and assists in database documentation (Data Dictionary).

In the development, it allows using AJAX resources, such as navigation between pages/profiles, automatic validation of fields such as Date, Currency, CEP, CPF, among others.

“I recommend the adoption of Scriptcase for the development of any web system!”

Weber Martins Marques – Mogi das Cruzes City Hall

Login screen SGE

Initial screen

Computerized removal process – Consultation
Elimination screen – Master form

SGE main screen

Security module

Permissions screen for users to access applications

Dynamic Menu Configuration Screen

Consultation screen of municipal units with Google Maps

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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

June 10, 2020


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