Today we are going to know a little bit about the successful case of the Controllership General of the State of Minas Gerais – CGE.


The General Controllership of the State of Minas Gerais – CGE, has the mission of exercising and promoting Internal Control of government actions, working essentially to add value to the public service and improve state public management.


We need within the CGE to work with sensitive and confidential data which for this we use a security tool. This allows us to develop our own systems without having to open it to any external access while guaranteeing continuity of these systems.


Development of an Integrated Risk Matrix system and an Intelligence Analysis System. We also have some other systems under development and other projects planned.


Scriptcase was very well suited to our needs, it offers several advantages. In particular, it made the development of systems within our own technical department totally possible.

Scriptcase offers a complete environment for developing systems quickly, easily and safely.

The learning curve is low unlike many other tools. With Scriptcase we are able to keep development up to date with the rotation of the technical team.

We have eliminated the need for public spending on outsourcing for system developments that handle sensitive and confidential data using our own staff; public servants who are professionals and who manage the system issues.

In addition to allowing the development of customized applications with each one’s reality, it standardizes (with macros) and accelerates the development of any system size in PHP.

Results details

The CGE’s mission is to promote integrity and improve the transparency mechanisms of public management with social participation prevention in combating corruption, monitoring the quality of public spending, fiscal balance, and the effectiveness of public policies. Here are some of the values follow:

  • – Open government and active citizen participation
  • – Transparency
  • – Ethical conduct
  • – Integrity and honesty
  • – Prevalence of public interest
  • – Public agent governance and sense of responsibility (accountability)
  • – Compliance
  • – Interinstitutional cooperation
  • – Innovation and promotion of research and development
  • – Environmental and Social Responsibility

Well, in addition to being safe and with a high learning curve, Scriptcase made the development of our systems very easy and this allows us to comply with a basic principle of Public Service: the principle of continuity, even if there is a turnover of technical personnel the systems developed with Scriptcase have complete documentation and can be continued by other developers just by following the quick courses in the tool.

An Integrated Risk Matrix System was developed, which calculates and presents to the State’s internal auditors a risk ranking with coverage in all agencies and an Intelligence Analysis System that integrates data from different sources, handles, and exports in XML and Cypher ( Neo4j) for Intelligence analysis in graph visualization.

The Audit Trails system is being developed which deals with the results of cross-checking of data made by a national network called ODP – Public Expenditure Observatory. There are other projects planned such as the Audit System and Risk Management System, all aimed at Public Administration in the area of ​​Internal Control and combating corruption.

“I recommend the Scriptcase for the Internal Control agencies of the states in Brazil (and of the city halls) because in addition to allowing the development of customized applications with the reality of each one, it standardizes and accelerates the development of any system size PHP. With this tool, Internal Control and Audit will be able to have their own systems quickly, reducing outsourcing expenses and with less risk of exposing sensitive and confidential internal information that should not be in the hands of third parties, even to better comply with the new General Law Data Protection in Brazil. ”

Fernando de Almeida de Souza – Internal Auditor of the Comtroller General of the State of Minas Gerais (CGE / MG)

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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

June 2, 2020


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