See how Active Solutions by using Scriptcase boosted the development time of their systems solved all demands of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies.


Active Solutions is a web development company focused on creating sustainable applications that are easily scalable, adaptable to any system and secure at the highest level. Our portfolio includes a range of projects, from business intelligence and deep data work to web design and implementation of online services.


We needed a tool that would facilitate the development of systems in the IT department of the Chamber of Deputies and at the same time be simple to use, and on the recommendation of a friend we found Scriptcase. With it we could easily develop applications at the same time that the tool allowed us to create complex systems with everything that is most modern in technology.


Among the various systems already developed, I highlight our “HelpDesk” (a pilot project that is in the process of improvement): Requests are attended to by the IT department and the Technical department, following what each administrative application demands (whether they are IT or technical ) the orders received are subsequently distributed to a person in charge (technical operator). This will give a timely resolution and a decision (eg pending, incomplete request, unresolved, resolved, etc.). The candidate will receive an informative email with the status of the demand.


Results (Romania Chamber of Deputies):

The tool offers an easy and intuitive development environment, and at the same time allows us to develop complex applications with the most modern technologies present in the IT market today.

With the new systems developed and running, we received a lot of positive feedback from users of the most diverse interdepartmental levels.

Initially we spent a few months studying the tool and planning the possibilities of developing our demands within the environment, after 3 months we developed the first big project only using basic knowledge of Scriptcase platform. So we started a collaboration to be able to develop other applications with a higher level of software development.

“I strongly recommend the use of this tool, it has many easy features and it has a modern design, so it can be used by novice programmers as well as those with a lot of experience. No matter if you need a Windows or Linux systems, it also allows connections to multiple databases, include multiple international languages, and much more that makes this product competitive in the software market.”

The application “Presence of deputies” represents the timing of the presence of deputies in plenary sessions or the participation of deputies in activities in parliamentary committees.

There is also a module that makes “Payment of indemnity to deputies” – compulsory retirement.

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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

June 9, 2021


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