Check out how Scriptcase was chosen as the ideal RAD tool for the development of  SCAN and AUDIOLANDER.


SCAN is a leading company specialized in studies and market intelligence since 1994. While AUDIOLANDER is a royalty-free audio and music portal, the company sells licenses with content ready to synchronize in its video or film productions.


I needed a tool that would help me to develop our systems quickly and completely, and that would be easy to understand and intuitive to the point of anyone, even if it was not from the IT area which is my case, could use and have good results.


ScriptCase presented itself as an ideal tool for my needs. Its learning curve is low and is a product that fulfills the promise of being RAD.


Scriptcase truly fulfills its role as a RAD tool with excellence. The speed with which we were able to develop using the tool is extraordinary, this factor was fundamental to decide on it.

Something that I find remarkable and that gives ScriptCase great merit is that I’m an entrepreneur and I didn’t study programming. I learned PHP by myself and ScriptCase has been instrumental in my learning, making me a professional developer, thanks to its ease of use and efficiency in achieving quite complex systems.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the tool has a lot of learning material available. The videos, tutorials, and documentation are well organized.

Something I also find interesting is that the tool has a very large and active community, so it is very easy to ask questions and share experiences.

“I used ScriptCase for several developments for a few years. The main reason for choosing ScriptCase and continuing to develop with it was the speed of development. It is a product that indeed delivers on RAD’s promise.”

Christian Alvear Urrutia -Partner

By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

December 29, 2020


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