SUSEBUILDER – Platform for monitoring the performance indicators of the Previne Brasil Program, developed in just 20 days with Scriptcase.



Pethos Technology and Bin Helper are partner companies and work together in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). They develop solutions with an emphasis on the health field that enable the qualification of processes at the municipal level, with extensive qualification and experience. With more than 90 clients in different states, they provide support for the e-SUS APS system and the new Primary Care financing model – Previne Brasil – doing training, operational support, and availability of the susebuilder platform for data monitoring. 



With the implementation of the new costing financing model for Primary Health Care (PHC), we noticed a gap in the management of data made available by E-SUS. This lack of managerial information directly impacted the achievement of the goals listed by the Previne Brazil program and, consequently, the transfer of funds made by the Ministry of Health to the municipalities. 



To ensure greater assertiveness in decision-making, we developed the SUSEBUILDER platform that helps managers and professionals in the area of health-related strategies in the municipalities. It gives analytical information that enables the achievement of all the goals provided by the Previne Brazil Program.  

RESULTS ( Susebuilder):


Using only the Scriptcase development environment, we were able to develop the SUSEBUILDER platform in just 20 days!

100% Approval

With only two weeks of release, SUSEBUILDER was adopted by 15 Brazilian municipalities, being used by more than 40 teams with 100% approval by the users.


With Scriptcase, we quickly implement the essential indicators for the best effectiveness of the system. Delivered management reports with KPis of daily analytical follow-ups, graphs with statistical monitoring, home registries, and health professionals, as well as integrations with external databases (E-SUS APS and IBGE).


It had a greater guarantee of assertiveness in the strategies adopted, it outreached in the provision of essential health services to residents and the impact was more direct on the transfer of resources from the Ministry of Health to Brazilian municipalities.


With Scriptcase that generates web applications, it brings another substantial gain, the availability of the platform that can be accessed in any browser at any time or day of the week, but it can also be used locally (with access to data with or without internet) .dfdf


Details of the results:

With the implementation of the new costing financing model for Primary Health Care (PHC), it received a mixed payment model that seeks to encourage the achievement of better results. In other words, the transfer of funds directed to health, linked to the components of weighted funding and performance. impacting on a positive or negative variation depending on the results obtained.

Given this context, managers need to obtain analytical data that allows the monitoring of these data systematically, to ensure not only greater assertiveness in decision making, but also the service provided to society as a whole. Bearing in mind that the improvement or worsening of the results of the indicators throughout 4 competencies will result in changes in the values ​​passed on by the Ministry of Health

In the development process of SUSEBUILDER, Scriptcase presented itself as an ideal tool for our needs, the main advantages found were:

  • Intuitive operation;
  • Low learning curve (we started ahead)
  • Multi-Platform integration;
  • Dedicated support;
  • Wide range of possibilities for creation;

“It’s a tool that seems to have an entire team working for you.”

Sérgio Schütz

Through Scriptcase and the elaboration of judicious codes (scripts) aiming at current regulations of the Ministry of Health, we have developed the most expected result, integrating the database of the e-SUS APS system

PEC de Atendimento Mensal

Without a doubt, It is a tool which even if the user does not know programming, he manages as an intuitive tool to develop even complex systems.

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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

December 29, 2020


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