Get to know now the story of MK Apps – business systems and applications.


MK Apps is a company that develops business applications for the subscriber center with integration to the main Management System of ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Brazil.


With the increase in the number of customers and consequently the increase in the demand for developments, we started to face difficulties in terms of the delivery time. It starter to generate a lot of work for the development sector.


We urgently needed to find a tool that would help us save development time and consequently increase our production of enterprise applications.


Results(MK Apps):

With Scriptcase we were able to quickly meet our demands, such as the development of a system for a provider and integration of billet routers, a virtual concierge system, among many others. The tool made the whole development process much easier, and with its constant evolution, we managed to make our systems functional, agile and modern.

We have more than 500 applications developed with the support of the solution.

Currently, our systems are being used by more than 450 providers, and the number continues to grow!

The solution offers a whole set of essential applications for the development of our systems, all of our applications have Scriptcase modules.

Details of the results:

MK APPLICATIONS Mkauth adopted Scriptcase since its version 3 following the entire process of the solution’s evolution and consequently incorporating all updates in the developed systems.

We have developed more than 500 applications that are available in our virtual store, as well as systems to meet the needs of the various companies of internet providers. We offer the package with all the essential modules for operation, such as tickets; speed meter; subscriber center; plans; new subscriber registration; Contact – service via business WhatsApp;

I recommend the solution with my eyes closed, it makes development considerably easier and with Scriptcase updates, my systems have become much more modern

Barbosa – General Director MK Apps

Important to mention too that our application integrates via API with several systems, among which we highlight: Mkauth; SGP; Radiusnet; ICX; Perficio; Gestaoclick; ISP Cloud; RBXSoft; Duobox; Easymk; Mycore; MKFULL; VIGO; Gerenetisp; High network systems; Controllr – BrByte; TopSapp.

Loja MK appstore.

See this and more cases here: CASES OF SUCCESS

By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

July 7, 2020


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