Check out 9 webs and IT development trends for the year 2021. IOB, 5G, security and privacy enhancement, Artificial intelligence, Home office, and much more!

The year 2021 has already started in full swing, and in order to overcome all the side effects of an atypical year, companies need to be aware of the technology trends that are configured as fundamentals to boost growth.

According to a survey conducted by Gartner, the technology trends for this year focus on three main themes:

  • People centricity: although we have seen many changes in the composition of a team’s work and in the way they interact, people still remain the focus of the business, and they now need, more than ever, a structured digital environment.
  • Location independence: it is not new that during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies had to reorganize themselves, the home office became a necessity and ideal type of work for the moment. And given this change in the location where employees, the company, customers, and organizational ecosystems take place, it was necessary to modify the technology to support this new business trend.
  • Resilience: it is clear that many organizational processes had to be changed, however, with or without a pandemic, volatility and uncertainty is something that is part of the world. Organizations need to be prepared to adapt to changes if they are to maintain good levels of results.

Given this, we bring below 9 technology trends in general that will be present throughout this year.

1) IOB


IoB (Internet of Behavior) is completely linked to the use of data to promote changes in behaviors.

In general, it is a type of technology that brought together elements such as Big Data, location tracking, facial recognition, among others.

In addition, it manages to combine data from different sources to carry out a behavioral analysis of individuals, and then provide changes that improve the process of interaction between companies and people.

However, working with data has its ethical and moral implications, depending heavily on the objectives of who is using that data. So much so that privacy laws, which by the way change from region to region, directly impact the use of IoB.

2) 5G


It is already a topic that has been discussed for a while since the end of 2018, 5G technology is the evolution of the mobile and broadband network, aiming to improve the connection speed and stability in addition to connecting everything that you can access to the internet promoting more application possibilities for the IoT(Internet of Things).

With this openness promoted by 5G technology, the IT team can perfectly fulfill their demands, whatever they may be, with more efficiency and speed. Even taking into account that the mobile network today is considerably used much more, companies are already subscribing to services that provide support remotely.

3) Total experience

experiência completa

Also considered as a total experience, all the experiences lived during the processes which are; the experience of the customer, the employee, the user, and the company. The idea is to analyze and improve this total experience from the identification and improvement of the crossing point of all these experiences, from its technology applied in the processes between the employees to the end-user.

The goal is to read the current scenario and promote changes of the most diverse nature to improve the entire flow of the business experience, so there is no easy recipe for this, each case is unique, each requires its own special attention.

It is up to the company to be sensitive and willing to promote changes that result in saving time, reducing bureaucracy, increasing security while respecting current standards, improving the quality of work from employees, and the evolution of the client-company relationship in general.

4) Security and Privacy

Segurança e Privacidade

Nowadays, computing that improves data privacy and security is increasingly necessary. In general, we can say that there are three types of computing that work with this theme:

  • – The first is responsible for providing a complete and secure environment so that data can be processed and analyzed;
  • – The second is responsible for processing the analyzed data in a more decentralized way;
  • – And the third is responsible for encrypting this data.

So what is identified is a tendency to invest in these security topics so that you can increase the possibility to share data while keeping it safe and confidential.

5) Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Engenharia de Inteligência artificial

Also known as AI Engineering, it’ll be a trend among companies that want to improve the cycle of their projects. This is because, according to Gartner, it has been very common for companies to face scalability, operation, governance, and reliability problems in the AI models provided.

What is identified is that AI has turned into an essential topic in development cycles, it’s becoming an important part of the main DevOps process instead of a group of isolated and alternative projects. The engineering itself is responsible for bringing together the necessary knowledge of practices and technologies that make it possible to direct the company to the best path among the various existing AI techniques.

6) Hyperautomation


As already suggested, Hyperautomation is the idea that everything in an organization can be fully automated. Therefore, it demands the necessity for organizations to automate their processes in a way that minimizes problems, speeds up the delivery of results, and reduces the costs involved.

The search for technologies and tools that simplify activities is a latent trends, it is progressively necessary to increase the efficiency, speed, and democratization of business processes. Those who do not focus on this need without a shadow of a doubt will be left behind.

7) Remote work

Trabalho remoto

A totally predictable trends, especially now facing a pandemic scenario that ended up taking many people by surprise. The model of operations anywhere is not new, however, only now it has been an essential issue in the planning of many organizations.

This model intends that businesses can be accessed, operationalized, and delivered in absolutely anywhere that customer, employee, and business partner are, all remotely.

This is directly linked to the idea of ‘digital’ that must be the standard at all times, of course, this does not mean that the physical should be considered obsolete, the main goal is the digital improvement of physical processes that are delivered perfectly, just like physical resources do.

Therefore, the organization must be fully structured and ready to deal with this change, otherwise, it will be left behind.

8) Improvement of the payment systems

Aprimoramento dos sistemas de pagamento

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically drove the need to implement new payment methods, we can prove this with the substantial increase in the implementation of payment platforms like Google Pay and Apple Pay, as well as several other local payment methods. New payment strategies have emerged, such as mobile wallet, payment without direct contact, new dynamics of purchase and installments, payment via QR code, Bitcoin, among others.

All of this has become essential for the financial system, in general, to become more fair, secure, fast, and free. It is not just now that decentralized payment applications and systems have become popular, but there has been much greater growth, and this has made them direct competitors to traditional financial companies.

Digital assets such as NFTs can directly promote the union between the virtual and physical economy, causing an almost infinite market of goods to be built that can be collected, traded, and sized.

9) Visual and voice search

Pesquisa visual e por voz

According to Gartner, there is an expectation that companies that are able to redesign their sites to support visual or voice searches will be able to grow up to 30% of their digital commerce.

So this type of research technology has become very popular lately, it was even the subject of our last year’s trend post, it has added value to the process of understanding the interest between consumers and companies. Many companies are already eyeing this space to be able to develop their e-commerce. Those who manage to evolve with this type of research will gain a competitive advantage directly measured in conversion rate, profit, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction.

It is clear that with the increase in the search for voice devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, and the brands that are able to read this growth, as well as converting their systems for delivery from these devices have managed to identify significant gains in the numbers of their digital commerce.

Of course, there are several other trends, but these 9 are the ones understood as main and most important for the year 2021.

By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

February 5, 2021


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