Hello, in this post we will conceptually understand the AJAX event and how use  inside the Scriptcase.

  • AJAX? After all, what is this?

AJAX, is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a set of web development technologies that focuses on building more interactive applications, having as one of the main objectives a rapid response of web pages through the exchange of small information between the web server, besides to don’t need to the entire page is reloaded whenever a new action is performed.

AJAX features, very broadly speaking, can be resume up in three words: usability, speed, and interactivity. A suite of technologies that enable a more productive and rich user interface.

In conception, using AJAX need to knowing JS well, work with, DOM, XML and CSS.

  • Okay, but how does it work?

To understand this , first we need understand as a common web application it’s work, what basically occurs is that the search engine will fetch information about the server and return to the client.

In AJAX is a bit different, I say this why, in the process page loading , the entire load of processed data is passed to the client. When a user makes a request, the search and return is  make in JS simultaneously, so it is not necessary to make “reload” the page all the time.

However, it is worth noting that  the insert process with ajax becoming a bit slower,since too much information is preloaded, but in the end, only the data will need to be loaded, resulting in a site much more agile.

Common web application AJAX application
  1. HTTP request is sent from the browser to the server;
  2. This server receives the request and searches the data;
  3. After the search the server returns with the requested data;
  4. Finally the browser, receiving the data, reloads the page showing the new information.

( I stress that throughout this process the user can not do anything but wait for the results of their request to be loaded, this process, besides being tedious, ends up requiring a lot of resources from the server)

  1. Through the browser, a call is generated in JS and later activates the XMLHttpRequest;
  2. In the background of this process, the browser creates an HTTP request for the server;
  3. Then the server receives the request, does the search and returns the data to the browser;
  4. Finally the browser then receives the data sent by the server and displays them directly on the page (without having to reload the page).
  • AJAX Events within Scriptcase? As?

The market currently offers several frameworks for those who want to work with Ajax, many educational and easy to apply, even comes with some tools in Ajax components that can easily be attached to an application, such as Scriptcase. Within its grid component has Scriptcase some of these specific Ajax which gives much higher quality applications developed for it, in addition, there is also a very large user to program these components only where it is necessary parameterization them.

Using AJAX reduces the amount of unnecessary data traffic with the server thereby speeding up application processing. It allows individual data components on a page to be updated without the need to refresh the entire page.

The following events are available in Scriptcase.

  • onChange – This event fires when the field has focus and the field value is changed and the focus is then directed to another object.
  • onClick – This events fires when the field is clicked.
  • onBlur – This events fires when the field has focus, the field value is NOT changed and the focus is directed to another object.
  • onFocus – This events fires when the field has focus.

For more information about ajax within SC, we also have some handy tutorials that demonstrate usage within our environment, feel free to read:

AJAX Events:



If you still do not know, Scriptcase is a solution for web application development and business intelligence reporting in a fast and collaborative way.

Download and come try out our tool!


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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

February 22, 2019


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