Scriptcase is a solution for web application development and business intelligence reporting in a fast and collaborative way.

It offers a complete development environment, providing a range of resources that optimize team projects, allowing people in different places to work on the same project simultaneously.

A prominent aspect of the tool is that Scriptcase is also a web system and runs within a browser! It promotes the possibility of collaborative development, that is, more than one person working at the same time with the same development environment through local networks or in the cloud.

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Local Network

Speaking in a clearer way, local network is nothing more than a structural set formed by softwares and hardware that enables the communication between individual computers, providing the exchange of information and resources between them. The ‘local’ refers to the physical space that this network occupies, the area covered is limited, but with technological advances this area has expanded.


Commonly understood as a global network of servers, all with individually specific functions, the cloud should not be understood as a physical space properly, but rather as a giant web of remote servers around the globe that are interconnected and work in one unique digital ecosystem, through various applications, webmail, productivity software, social media,videos, etc. This information will be available online, and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Access management by multiple developers / groups

Scriptcase provides some functionality that aims to organize, manage and coordinate the collaborative development process.

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By providing access control functions, it is possible to create different users / groups and coordinate access to projects, applications and Scriptcase configuration options.

Always aiming at the coordination, organization and security of your system, Scriptcase has a very efficient Security Module in performing these tasks. Within this module, is possible to implement access rules for your system, ie it is totally feasible to create a complete access control system in your project. The validation process can be done by authentication via login and password (User access data will be stored in the Scriptcase database), or using the LDAP feature (User access data will be stored on an LDAP server, which will be queried by Scriptcase to validate access), available in our tool.

The level of security is set by the administrator, and has equal settings both using Scriptcase and LDAP, these levels are comprised in three groups:

  • User – Permissions are set for each user. In this option the permissions must be configured individually.
  • Group – Permissions are set for user groups. In this option, we will link the users to one or more groups, and set the permissions will be for the groups, the users linked to the groups will inherit the permissions.
  • Group / User – In this option, the permissions are set for user groups and / or for users individually. In this type of security group and user permissions are added. In this way, for example, there may be users belonging to the same group who have different permissions.

Scriptcase also has Log configuration and visualization options:

Configure Log

The SC performs the storage within the database a log of the actions interpreted as main done, by the users. In fact, by default, all actions are necessarily stored inside the database, so with this option, you can customize all of the log records, and you can mark or unmark the actions that must be taken.

View Log

With this option, it is possible to visualize the main actions carried out by the registered users in the system, the whole record is stored separately per day, besides, within the calendar it is possible to visualize the date that is wanted to display the modification history. Note that the days that actually occurred log are highlighted in blue for easy viewing.

Therefore, one of the goals of Scriptcase is to enable this collaborative development in an organized and secure way, so that more can be produced in less time, having a greater coordination of the stages and the team involved.

If you still do not know, I invite you to download and try our tool:

By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

March 1, 2019


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