We all know that Captcha represents – ‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’. When present in a form, it is a feature that is used to increase the security on the web page. As seen on so many websites today, it requires the user to interact with the form by entering a randomly generated set of characters showing on an image that is also generated dynamically.

Captchas with ScriptCase and their use has become important as a result of the increase in the use of online software that mimics humans to fill online forms. And so by using such feature on a web form, developers ensure that it is essentially only humans that can decrypt the dynamically generated characters on the captcha. This raises the level of security on the online form.

With ScriptCase makes it easy for developers to integrate captcha onto web forms, thereby eliminating the risk of having software fill online forms. With many other developing tools that come with ScriptCase, that ensure that programmers increase the speed and shorten the time it takes for applications to be built; the captcha with ScriptCase makes the software a great weapon in a developer’s arsenal.

Incredibly, ScriptCase is easy to use, and the features that come along with it are not too difficult to implement – especially for beginners. When implementing captchas in login forms for example, you start with enabling captcha in the application and then state the number of characters to be displayed on the generated image of the captcha.

Also, an error message is put in place that tells the user when his input does match the characters in the captcha. The height, width and the font size of the characters are also specified. There is also the option of reloading the captcha image and characters when the user wants a new code. Then the developer can decide how the layout of the captcha will look by selecting a layout of choice from the available options in ScriptCase.

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June 5, 2013


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