A very interesting feature that comes natively within the platform development ScriptCase is a nested query with it is possible to create small areas of inquiry within a record table and data that have crossed regarding that information. Its use can have various purposes from creating complex reports sales by vendors to display drives for cost center into a financial system, for example.

If the nested query had to be programmed from the beginning programmer probably take hours to finish it, issues related to browser compatibility and especially the functions themselves would take too long. With this feature ScriptCase is easy to add more value application reports without representing a significant increase in the number of hours of development. All tests related functions and compatibility have been made by the team that develops the tool and thus the programmer saves time and how time is synonymous with a result you end up having a great programmer option.

To implement the nested query in a form is very simple, as other resources ScriptCase, simply access the application options and mark the corresponding option nested query (TreeView). Quickly and easily you create a connection to the database, choose the table and sets the whole grid without representing manual and repetitive work that would cost time, effort and budget. This feature gives your report a visually differentiated and richer information, often managerial levels of a company need complete data and in some cases this means three or four reports open at the same time for a single data is crossed. Using a nested query can cross any data that has relationship with the bank and bring this information from different tables so that information reaches the end user to quickly and objectively.

In presentations of this type of query result ends up being a difference as it is not necessary to be moving between different screens in the application to get certain information, just simply click the “+” sign and all necessary information inherent in that record will appear, it is not simple?


If you already use ScriptCase and doubts feature nested query (TreeView) to access our knowledge base and sane all your questions. If you do not use, access our page now ONLINE Course ScriptCase with PHP and start to take the first steps.

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June 6, 2013


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