When initiating a development project is necessary for a preview of the amounts that will be spent to be passed to the customer, but more importantly it is the control over the project so that cost remains the closest estimate.

Analyzing the above scenario we realize how important it is that the processes of managing project costs are applied effectively, the management cost of the project involves three basic processes related to cost, as follows:

  • Estimate: Analyze and evaluate how much will be needed for the project to be developed;
  • Budget: Analysis of the separate costs for individual packages of work;
  • Control: This involves all the processes needed to have the greatest possible control over the cost variables.

Once the scope of activities is set begin the work related to cost management plan, there are analyzed all the values ​​that will be spent by the teams that will make up the projects. The cost analysis in a development project takes into account the time value of each resource that will be used. For example, a programmer PL has a different time value of a JR programmer, is the role of cost management to raise the necessary information to determine the most appropriate action depending on the complexity of the project, so we have to optimize costs and thus greater control under the project performance.

The processes of management costs are linked to the methods that will be used to carry out control, some methods are very simple and can be applied in a practical way to alert potential problems related to an increased cost on account of an unfinished activity, eg . See below some methodologies of project costs:

  • ABC Model
  • Cost target
  • Just in Time
  • Quality
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Time Management

Identifying the most important points to be controlled is simple to control the cost which is one of the most important variables within a project. A good development platform also helps to optimize costs, ease in achieving labor as well as the popularity of the language used weighs a lot, so ScriptCase works with PHP, a language that fits perfectly within those parameters. If you do not know right now ScriptCase visit our ONLINE Course ScriptCase with PHP and start right now to take your first steps.

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June 14, 2013


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