The internet is the communication media that broke any geographical barrier that might exist, it is possible to access information from anywhere in the world regardless of where you are. Large companies have already paid attention to it and today provide web applications that can integrate information from anywhere on the globe. Multinational companies are the best example, with cells scattered throughout the world it is common for a single system to centralize all the data and for this a WEB interface is essential. Except that even with all these facilities is still a problem which they collide, the language.

The way of communicating can be a problem because many times who will work with the application does not speak the language in which it was created. Screens with descriptions, field names and other text information can be understood in different ways according to the region and therefore an interface that can be adapted to the user’s region turns out to be of paramount importance.

An ERP, for example, which was developed throughout in English can become a problem when deploying in a branch office in Japan The way of communicating in the region is very peculiar and so the adjustment period can be long, it is important in terms mind that the longer the deployment of a web application in a corporation, the longer it takes for it to start producing and give results too.

Analyzing this scenario we realize the importance of a global system which can adapt to the user’s language, a multi-language application ​​is not only ease of interpretation, but also a faster return on productivity.

Scriptcase keep an eye the market demands in their own projects a specific resource for those who need a platform with multiple languages​​. Adding it to the project can simply program the application resources to the entire application is automatically translated into various languages ​​available in our tool. English, French, Spanish, Japanese and even Arabic are some of the languages ​​available today our tool has many languages​​.

Want to know more about this feature? So visit our E-learning section and download the free version today Scriptcase.

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July 9, 2013


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