What is web metrics? Web metrics also known as web measurable or web statistics is the science of measuring websites. Specifically measuring events and extracting trends. For open cracker those events represent the occasion human clicks on the web links

Measurable are comparable from website to website depending on the programming component of the site. Important variables come into play when there talk about web metrics including page views, unique visitors to a given website and visit.

Therefore, it is not always easy to compare the results given by two statistics programmers to track one site. The process itself can be very useful in terms of thinking through the differences in results and determining which what is actually being measured. The best way to carry out a comprehensive analysis of a given site is by comparing results from different and numerous programmers. A perfect example is by using combined tracking service with a log analysis.

When the results of the methods gives almost the same outcome then the metric will be said to be perfect for the method of comparison therefore choosing a perfect method is important however scientifically, changing the method of measurement during the period of experiment invalidates the whole process making it useless

The results when comparing measurements are always difference in values an example is when comparing page views and unique visitors and getting a difference of 10.

If you compare the same statistics over the time the method is not changed, hence making it the most accurate way of getting and recording statistics.

Mostly the statistics discussed are a translation of raw data clicks and a the dialogues transactions between the browser and the server also known as the browser-server dialogues, and its normally translated into a user graphics interface from which graphical pattern s can be traced and viewed by the user

What is web metrics is a question, which has been answered above. Web metric and analytic is an exciting field now because there are not many patterns being sought.

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July 9, 2013


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