For all those who develop system and softwares every day at work: Have you ever wondered what makes you receive value at the end of the month? In the end, are you paid for your system or code?

Well, i’m sorry to inform, but you are not paid exclusively for programming! This may seem a little illogical at first, but it does promise to bring a reflection on the reasons for this article.

It is very common to see people complaining about the use of tools or certain ‘ready-made’ techniques for development. “It’s stressful”, “will require a lot of investment to learn usability”, “not useful for certain tasks”, “won’t work for us”, etc.

For various reasons, this thinking still persists ‘till this day, no matter how much the growing need for speed, practicality and efficiency in delivering results is identified.

The point is that:

The source code you build is nothing more than a byproduct of your work.

Do not feel bad, programmer! Haha

The fact is that your real job is to develop solutions to your company’s business problems. And delivering that result doesn’t necessarily mean writing lines of code all the time, and of course, doesn’t rule out the need for it.

However, writing lines of code is one of the alternatives for solving customer problems, creating a website via WordPress, using a “Software as a Service” (SaaS), having a framework support, using a fast RAD development tool like Scriptcase, Having a helpdesk system, using a project management application such as Trello, or even good and traditional Excel, are all options that allow you to create less legacy code and, therefore, less maintenance.

The point is that lines of code endss up becoming a long-term compromise.

Of course this does not mean that you do not have to have a deep knowledge of programming,  having experience supports you to be able to more accurately ponder about when and how to use a particular language or tool.

So let’s get back to our initial thought: Are you paid for your system or your code? Of course there may be a lot of code involved, but we have to admit that there are ways to build a system much easier and simpler to achieve the same results.

So always keep in mind that you should build systems to solve problems and deliver solutions, not just program-by-program as this does not necessarily bring results.

If there is no alignment with the client’s ultimate goals, taking into account history, context, resource savings, job facilitation, no use being do not be the best programmer in the world.

Information technologies generally supports better results, aids the development of more robust systems, increases the efficiency of critical areas within an entity, among other things.

This is where the development team must meet the requirements raised through the proper use of time in relation to the proper management of code creation required for the solutions.

Programming becomes complicated when using a tool that offers no efficiency and time management gains and has a high learning curve for syntax and coding.

These difficulties will remain throughout the development of the project as following the path of “pure programming” implies entering a repetitive cycle of thousands of lines of code to create certain common elements such as forms, grids, charts, menus, home screens, alerts etc.

This generally hinders progress and considerably increases the development time required for a project to be “refined” and ready for end use.

Scriptcase allows you to develop quickly, as it is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool whose main goal is to bring together the most modern used web development technologies actually.

With PHP as the main programming language (client / server) the tool can interact with other external libraries such as Javascript, jQuery; providing HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap formats and styles and features like Ajax.

The time to get the final system is considerably short and satisfying for all parties involved, both the development area and the end customer or anyone requiring measurable solutions.

In short, you get paid for a working system and on time, not for the thousands of lines of code generated or the time you spend on it.

It is in this context that Scriptcase fits in as an ideal tool for generating business intelligence web systems, reducing delivery time by 80%, helping you create forms, complete reports with summaries and charts exportable to PDF and Excel, dashboard (with panels, tables, and pivot tables), charts, menus, modules, and complete security logs simply.

By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

September 6, 2019


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