Surfing on the internet using the features available in Android does not require any special skills in technology. The operating system natively allows this function to be used. Unfortunately this does not mean that this function is performed optimally, nothing more normal, given the natural limitations of OS itself and also some hardware devices that run. However, with the use of Dolphin, this scenario may be different. This is perhaps one of the best platforms available for Android, geared specifically for Web browsing – and this is much more evident soon after seeing it installed.

A great advantage of the Dolphin Browser, besides speed, is that it displays the pages in a centralized manner, allowing the user greater control over the display of content. That’s because, unlike conventional browsers for this system, Dolphin uses the system of tabs, common resources to its related PC. It is possible to use up to eight tabs simultaneously. To exchange the tabs, slide up the screen down to access the thumbnail window and all the pages that are open.

Another function that greatly facilitates navigation is the ability to navigate between pages you have already visited by the classic buttons “Previous” and “Next”, that return and advance respectively between pages.

Clicking with the fingertips on the left of the screen you can access the Favorites panel. You can also bookmark a page or site to be able to open it in the future, without having to enter your address or search within the browse history.

Another easy way to access your favorite websites is through the touchscreen functions. One can pick up a letter and attribute its use to the load of a page – with it, you can open the site you want only drawing the appropriate letter on the handset screen.

Despite the many advantages, there are points to consider regarding the use of Dolphin Browser. Unfortunately it does not offer a good plugin support, limited to some very basic – like a password manager and another to view Youtube videos.

Another drawback is the constant loading ads, common problem at the beginning of the online navigation and that already was (and still is) criticized.

Simple and practical, despite all the pros and cons, the Dolphin Browser shows an excellent alternative for users of Android phones and iPhone, seeking alternatives to the most popular browsers. The biggest advantage of Dolphin is the fact that it is specific to mobile devices, that is, unlike Chrome or Firefox, it is not an optimized version; your system was created thinking about the limitations of screen sizes of most mobile phones.

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October 5, 2015


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