IBM has always prized the performance of its programs – and regarding its database is not different. IBM DB2 is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market, especially when it comes to cost-effective relation. That’s because it has a process intelligence, database native, which allows the database performance management automatically, according to the amount of data it has. Moreover, various activities of DBA can be automated simply by setting some information.

IBM DB2 can be installed on any operating system, which substantially reduces server costs. Thanks to the benefits it offers, it is very common to find it in projects whose server language is PHP. This combination tends to provide major benefits to the project, once both optimize application costs and, therefore, the project ends up becoming highly profitable.

Among the co-benefits that the IBM DB2 and PHP can offer, we can highlight:

  • The optimization of database tasks, thus enabling higher throughput;
  • The compression of IBM DB2 native files, allowing less hardware requirements and therefore, server costs are reduced significantly;
  • The possibility of using an integrated set of solutions provided by IBM itself;
  • The possibility of having features such as Auto-optimization, auto-repair and IBM DB2 Auto-configuration;
  • The security, stability and speed of PHP on Linux environment, for example.

With the reduction of server costs, automating DBA tasks and the possibility to optimize server hardware resources, an application that uses the IBM DB2 and PHP can quickly bring the expected return.

The use of a development tool aimed at optimizing the database connection is also another important advantage in projects that use DB2. Scriptcase, again, leads the way and provides a simple configuration interface so that the developer can connect to IBM DB2 in a quick, practical and safe way.

After the access data are configured in Scriptcase, then just add the connection created in the project, which then will be possible to use all the features available to IBM DB2. You can, for example, access elements such as tables, thus speeding the creation of forms, query screens and application reports.

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October 6, 2015


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