Dynamic search allows the end user to search the data from the grid by the desired parameters directly from the application. This means that there is no need to navigate to other applications to perform the search and you will save a lot of time. You can modify and add fields to the dynamic search exactly as you will need them.
If you want to check out this feature by yourself, you can download a free 20-day-trial version of ScriptCase at http://www.scriptcase.net/download-scriptcase/.
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In the following example and video you can see how it looks in the final application:

Dynamic Search to Grid Applications

In this example we will see how to create and use Dynamic searches in Grid applications, which allows performing advanced searches without navigating between applications.


Creating the Grid application

1. We will create a new Grid application based on the customers table.


2. Open the guide “Filter” in the application menu, then click on “Dynamic filter>>Select fields”.


3. Select the fields: “customerid”, “contactname, “birthdate” and ”creditlimit”.


4. Click on the button “Run application”


Do you want to see more Scriptcase examples? Take a look at our samples page at http://www.scriptcase.net/scriptcase-samples/

For any general questions about ScriptCase feel free to contact us at: sales@scriptcase.net

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September 16, 2015


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