Flash is part of life for many web developers using this powerful tool you can create various animations that make the site more attractive, but it is common to realize that many developers underestimate the tool and especially the language that is behind all its functioning, so today let’s talk a little more about it and how it is possible to explore another world of possibilities using it.

Flash is the name given to vetorais graphics program created by Macromedia, with it you can create various types of animation, but not only that. With it you can create complete websites and even games, social networking imuitas incorporate flash games on the profiles of their users and this alone has attracted a large audience of new programmers.

The language behind all that force is the Action Script and who dominates can do any type of work using Flash, Adobe is currently working on a project to popularize it further and thus providing programmers who want to have more knowledge one complete development environment able to supply all the demands of today’s development.

Develop websites, create applications, draw, create animations are some of the endless possibilities that Flash offers a choice. Files. SWF (Shockwave Flash File) generated from Flash has full interaction with other Adobe tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop. This is much more gains in visual quality.

Files .swf may be included in any HTML page through a simple code that indicates the location where the file is and how this file will be rendered with attributes such as width and height, for example.

Thinking of web applications, using Flash can be as much as an aggregator application in visual as well as a tool that can add more value to the application as a whole. An e-commerce, for example, you can use the built in flash banners to advertise promotions or even the creation of interactive games to make the site more user browse and meet other products. Are new ways to get the user to convert within the application, by the way we speak of conversion in another post here on the blog.

Add more value to a web application is key and visual part can not be overlooked when analyzing this point, why use Flash becomes a pretty important difference. Beyond the visual another important point within a web application is the implementation time and for this you can count on Scriptcase. If you’re new to our development tool WEB download the free version now and start today to enjoy all the benefits that only Scriptcase offers for you.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Follow our blog and stay on top of all the news.

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July 12, 2013


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