Frameworks in a nutshell are a skeleton / structure, a generic frame and “rechargeable” with the design of each. I usually define it as a “black box” where we know what it does, but we should not focus on how it does this, so there is an abstraction of generic functions and functions that help us to achieve developments:

  1. fast
  2. modular
  3. easily scalable
  4. understandable
  5. organized

There are many Frameworks on the market and choosing one is usually the most difficult task, because there are many and these are very good, adjustable to the type of project that we are doing. So in addition to finding one, you have to understand its basic structure and logic as well as learn the so-called “pseudo-language” which would be the commands of each Framework.

Sometimes the size of a project does not justify the entry or use of any Framework, so we get to our own structure and logic. As this project grows and there is a need to scale, we begin to find ourselves with code and logic sometimes outdated, or have already “evolved” into other forms of work, and we begin to delay projects either by understanding our own logicians or sometimes logical third parties, and so we are creating code at best more or less understandable but not easy to use or scalable, and without deceiving ourselves, it becomes even more difficult and worse if we go back to our past programming and some time ago.

  • Sometimes what we do -without realizing- it is to create our own Framework, and in essence, it fulfills its function, but on the other hand it doesn’t have any documentation, without a knowledge base on the part of a community… among other things that may get in the way.

The Frameworks help us to be organized from the beginning of the project, which forces us to follow certain structuring and pre-established molds to cover the intervals of generic projects, so that behind this there are usually:

  • documentation
  • communities of maintenance and expansion
  • resources
  • Help Forums: To make the knowledge base larger and more accessible

So, from any point of view, to use a Framework is an important assistance for web projects, since they have logics / structures that already covers certain generic parts of any web project and adapt to our own needs is relatively simple; although we must consider the following aspects:

  • The learning curve and adaptation to the project start slowly, but as the project increases, the implementation curve takes an abrupt downward trajectory, stabilizing and justifying the initial investment in time, making it easier to maintain and even ideal For use. collaborative.
  • On the other hand, for own developments without dependence on any structure, development is fast at the beginning, but it becomes slow and complex to maintain it as the project expands, so that the implementation curve for improvements is increasing .

Scriptcase as a development framework

Now, Scriptcase certainly conceptually and technically tends to have Framework-like benefits, but goes one step further by providing the developer with a fully visual environment with easy-to-use and intuitive options and tools that also cover generic aspects throughout Web development; Therefore, in addition to an orderly and “rechargeable” structure, we have other advantages: easy-to-use, “clickable” options, multiple data options, standard and generic for rapid deployment, features, documentation and an important community with a knowledge base behind .

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By , Graduated in Internet Systems and certified in Google AdWords, I have 3 years experience in Web. Over the years I have had the opportunity of working as a Webmaster, Web Developer and Front-end Engineering. I am a post-graduate in MBA in Digital Marketing and I am currently working as the Scriptcase Digital Marketing analyst.

January 10, 2019


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